What Will Dissolve Hair in a Drain?

There’s a good chance that hair is blocking your shower or bathtub drain. Hair clogs are a common type of blockage that nearly everyone will encounter at one time or another. Even with drain stoppers, hair can still get down the drain and cause clumps to block your pipes. You need to know how to remove hair from the drain in such situations.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

These are the steps to clear clogs using baking soda and vinegar.

1. One cup baking soda should be poured down the blockage. Then, add one cup of vinegar. This will cause a chemical reaction which produces fizzing.
2. After the fizzing stops for about 10 minutes, pour 1 liter of boiling water down your drain.
3. To check if water is draining correctly, turn on the faucet.

Repeat the previous three steps if the drain is not cleared.

Use Needle-Nose Pliers and a Wire Hanger

A removable drain cover can be removed by using pliers and a wire hanger. Rubber gloves, a flashlight and a screwdriver are all you need to do this.

1. The drain stopper should be removed. The screwdriver is a good option if you are unable to pry off the drain stopper manually.
2. Use a flashlight to locate the clog.
3. Use the needle-nose pliers to remove the hair clumps. Wear gloves
4. A wire hanger is a good alternative to pliers if the drain cannot be reached or the drain is not accessible. Straighten a … Read More