The Palgrave Handbook of Survey Research

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Interviewer effects

Furthermore, sampling bias could also be a big problem because the survey cannot attain people that don’t have pc or Internet access, similar to many of the poor, senior, and minority groups, and the respondent sample is skewed toward an younger demographic who are on-line much of the time and have the time and ability to finish such surveys. Computing the response rate could also be problematic, if the survey hyperlink is posted on listservs or bulletin boards as an alternative of being e-mailed on to focused respondents. For these reasons, many researchers choose dual-media surveys (e.g., mail survey and online survey), permitting respondents to select their most well-liked methodology of response. Many of the suggestions offered for bettering the response price on a hard copy questionnaire apply to on-line questionnaires as properly. One difference after all is that the kind of incentives one can provide in an … Read More